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Best Accounting Software for Marriage Halls   11 comments

Soft Accounting provides a very simple yet comprehensive Financial and Inventory/Cost Accounting Solution for Marriage Halls. To operate this application is NOT different than just entering booking information in usual booking diary which is kept by all the Marriage Halls. You will enter only booking form and for purchases, you will enter only a simple purchase form. In addition there are simple cash book and journal entry forms to enter daily expenditure/ adjusting entries. Following is a sample Booking Form:


In this simple Booking Form, all you have to do is to just choose Date, Hall Number, Menu Code, Extra Items and No. of Persons, Advance Received etc.

With this simple booking entry you will get your detailed Financial Accounting Ledgers, Inventory Stock Registers, Costing Information, Trial Balance, Graphs and much more.

Free Demo Version:

Please download free demo version from following link (MS Access 2010 file):